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GREENMAX is a recycling machinery brand independently founded by INTCO Recycling

Through years of accumulated innovation, GREENMAX currently has five major categories of recycling machinery, including Compactor & Densifier, Baler, Shredder & Crusher, Washing System and Pelletizer, which can not only process EPS, but also EPE, EPP, PET Bottles, Rigid Plastic and other materials. In addition, GREENMAX has obtained a number of qualifications since its establishment, and its quality and brand have been internationally recognized.

GREENMAX is a professional team that can provide total solutions for plastic recycling, integrating business consulting, equipment provision, raw material procurement, and transportation services.

GREENMAX has a 5,000 square meter production workshop, modern mechanical processing lathes, and many experienced workers in China. At the same time, GREENMAX also has large modern factories in Malaysia and Vietnam.

  • Engineer Team

    Engineer Team

    The GREENMAX production team is located in China, with 4 groups of engineers and R&D teams. Our team of designers and engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. They can customize machine models for customers' personalized needs for free, gaining a good reputation. If you have any special plastic materials that need to be processed, we can help you solve it.

    GREENMAX will provide customers with all-round technical support. Engineers with rich experience will provide customers with installation, debugging, and employee training services. They can also improve the machine according to needs or the actual situation on the site to help customers better recycle plastics. GREENMAX was established in 2010. During this period, the engineer team has upgraded the machines many times based on the feedback of customers and market inspections. At the same time, we 100% guarantee the quality of our machines, making GREENMAX gradually become the most ideal machine in the minds of customers.

  • Sales Team

    Sales Team

    GREENMAX has many professional international sales personnel in different markets such as America, Europe, and Asia, providing plastic recycling solutions and plastic recycling machines to customers in their respective markets. Meanwhile, our sales team also provides purchasing services for foam waste and plastic particles.

    The sales team of GREENMAX usually visits customers around the world at least twice a year to inspect the use of the machine and help customers solve some problems that arise during the operation. In addition, the team will adopt customers' opinions and continuously improve the quality and functions of GREENMAX recycling machines.

    Our sales are very professional and can provide customers with customized waste plastic recycling solutions based on their various needs and actual conditions, provide customers with practical suggestions, and help customers better complete the recycling of plastic.

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Contact Us

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