EPC Recycling

EPC Recycling Solution

EPC Recycling Solution

GREENMAX is an environmentally friendly technology company focusing on the recycling and utilization of waste plastics. In the field of waste plastic recycling, GREENMAX provides a complete set of EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) solutions. The following is a detailed introduction of GREENMAX EPC solutions in the field of waste plastic recycling:


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Engineering E


GREENMAX first works closely with customers to understand their waste plastic recycling needs, including waste plastic type, output, recycling rate and other indicators. Then, GREENMAX will design the most suitable waste plastic recycling solution based on the customer's needs. The design plan includes waste plastic classification, cleaning, crushing, melting, granulation and other process processes, as well as equipment selection and layout.

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Procurement P


According to the design plan, the core components are independently developed and produced by GREENMAX, and can be customized according to customer requirements. At the same time, GREENMAX has rich supplier resources and procurement experience, and can obtain high-quality equipment and materials at a lower cost. In addition, GREENMAX has also established a strict quality control system to ensure that the quality of purchased materials meets requirements.

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Construction C


GREENMAX has a professional construction team responsible for the construction and installation of waste plastic recycling facilities. During the construction process, GREENMAX strictly followed the design plan and construction specifications to ensure construction quality and progress. GREENMAX will also regularly report construction progress to customers so that customers can understand the actual situation of the project. After the construction of the facility is completed, GREENMAX will commission the waste plastic recycling facility. The debugging content includes stand-alone debugging, system linkage debugging, personnel training, etc. to ensure that the entire waste plastic recycling system can operate normally and meet the designed technical indicators and recycling rate.

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