XPS Recycling Solution

XPS foam is widely used as insulation material in the construction industry, which has a reputation for reliability and resistance. GREENMAX APOLO Recycling Compactor can convert XPS into dense blocks, the compression ratio is 50:1, which can be reused to produce XPS boards.

XPS Recycling Solution

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a lightweight cellular rigid plastic foam or thermoplastic. The reputation of XPS for excellent water resistance, thermal insulation, pressure resistance and long-term reliability makes it widely used in the construction industry as insulation material, such as the insulation of buildings, roofs or concrete floors.

XPS is light in weight but large in size. Its density is usually between 25-45 kg/m³. Like other plastic foams, XPS contains a high proportion of air, which makes handling, storage and transportation difficult. The early treatment methods are usually incineration and landfill, but XPS is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant and not easy to degrade.

Using machine to recycle XPS is currently the most popular method of disposing of discarded XPS, which can eliminate landfill contamination and minimize threats to wildlife and the environment to the greatest extent.

GREENMAX can efficiently and safely recycle discarded XPS and make full use of the XPS after processing. The GREENMAX recycling machine cuts the XPS scrap into pieces and compresses the foam into ingots, which are then reused through the pelletizing process. GREENMAX provides a buy-back service for XPS foam ingots, which can be used to re-make products such as photo frames and insulation boards.