EPP Recycling Solution

EPP foam as a kind of security and environmental-friendly material can be applied in car parts and packaging. GREENMAX Recycling System convert EPP foams into blocks and pellets that can be sold to GREENMAX and reused to PP products.

EPP Recycling Solution

As a safe and environmentally friendly material, expanded polypropylene (EPP) is easy to recycle and used in many fields such as automobiles, construction, and logistics. EPP offers a range of unique properties, including impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, waterproofing, and chemical resistance.

EPP foam is widely used in various applications in the automotive sector, including bumpers, door panels, and instrument panels, and its demand continues to increase. For automakers, EPP is an excellent choice for reducing vehicle weight and improving fuel efficiency due to its lightweight, toughness, and impact resistance.

In fact, it is 100% recyclable and the whole process is easy with the help of professional EPP recycling machines.

The GREENMAX EPP recycling machine can compress EPP into ingots, which can be sold to manufacturers to be remade into other products. The waste EPP is biaxially crushed and then heated at high temperatures or physically compressed to form dense EPP ingots or blocks. After the process of crushing and granulation, these foam scraps will become EPP pellets, which can be made into other recycled products.