EPS Recycling Solution

EPS foam is bulky and lightweight, but EPS is recyclable. GREENMAX foam compactor machines can compress EPS foams to 1/50 and 1/90 of their original volume. We repurchase foam blocks.

EPS Recycling Solution

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is made from non-renewable resources such as oil and natural gas and is not biodegradable. EPS is used in a wide range of applications, but is often treated as a disposable product and ends up in landfills. However, EPS is recyclable.

EPS is durable, shock-absorbing, moisture-proof, and insulating, making it suitable for protecting products during transportation and storage. Common household appliances, instruments, handicrafts, fast food, and other packaging are all packaged in EPS.

GREENMAX recycles, crushes and compresses EPS waste into compact foam blocks through EPS recycling machine. Afterwards, through the granulation process of the pelletizer, these foam blocks will be turned into pellets, and finally made into environmentally friendly frames, mouldings and exterior wall insulation materials, not only saving natural resources but also reducing carbon dioxide emissions. GREENMAX machine can make the EPS recycling process simple, safe and efficient.

GREENMAX provides a complete set of EPS recycling solutions and recycling machines to customers around the world and provides EPS waste repurchase services.