EPC Recycling

PET Recycling Line

Project Name: EPC Project of PET Bottle Recycling and Washing in Southeast Asia
Project Overview: Located in Malaysia, this project aims to establish a complete PET bottles recycling and washing system to improve the local plastic recycling rate and reduce environmental pollution. The project covers the whole process of PET bottles recycling, washing and reprocessing, and adopts advanced technology and equipment to ensure the quality and purity of recycled materials.

Project Implementation:

1. PET Bottles Recycling: First, PET bottle recycling plants are set up throughout the city to guide the public to sort and drop off the used PET bottles. Then, a specialized logistics team will transport the recycled PET bottles to the recycling processing center.
2. Initial cleaning: At the recycling processing center, the recycled PET bottles undergo initial cleaning, including the removal of labels, caps and other appendages from the bottles.
3. Deep Cleaning: Using advanced cleaning equipment, PET bottles are deeply cleaned, including the removal of stains, residues, etc. on the bottles. This process requires the use of specially developed environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized.
4. Crushing and Granulation: The cleaned PET bottles are crushed and melted for use in the production of new plastic products. In this process, the temperature, pressure and other technical parameters are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of recycled plastics.
5. Quality Inspection: Strict quality inspection of the recycled plastics, including appearance, physical properties, chemical properties, etc., to ensure that they meet the relevant standards (FDA, EFSA, etc.) and the customized requirements of customers.
6. Sales and Distribution: Sell qualified recycled plastic products to downstream enterprises to produce new plastic products.

Project Highlights:


1. Improvement of plastic recycling rate: By establishing a complete PET bottle recycling and cleaning system, the local plastic recycling rate has been greatly improved, and the generation of waste has been reduced.
2. Environmentally friendly: The use of advanced cleaning technology and environmentally friendly cleaning agents reduces the impact on the environment and is in line with the concept of green development.
3. Promoting circular economy: By reusing recycled PET bottles, it realizes the efficient use of resources and promotes the development of circular economy.
4. Enhance people's awareness of environmental protection: Through publicity and guidance, it improves people's awareness of and participation in plastic recycling, which helps to form a good environmental protection atmosphere.