Rigid Plastic Recycling Solution

Rigid Plastic is generally used as bottle caps, trash cans, pipes, crates and other items. GREENMAX offers a complete solution from waste to pellets, which are reused to make injection products.

Rigid Plastic Recycling Solution

Rigid plastics, often called hard plastics, are used in manufacturing and daily life, such as plastic chairs, toy parts, bread boxes, trash cans, pipes, crates, bottle caps and other items. Rigid plastics offer better protection for goods compared with flexible packaging like films.

Most post-consumer rigid plastic waste ends up in landfills, leaching harmful compounds called microplastics into soil and oceans, causing catastrophic effects on oceans, plants and animal life. But in reality, rigid plastics are easy to recycle and can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. GREENMAX provides professional machines and total solutions from rigid plastic waste to pellets that can be reused to manufacture injectable products.

The plastic is flattened and packaged for easy and efficient shipping. First the rigid plastic is crushed into smaller pieces. Typically, plastic materials are processed through a crusher before being conveyed to the cleaning and drying process. These clean plastic fragments can then be converted into pellets by a pelletizer.

GREENMAX machines make the entire process easier and faster and provide customers with high-quality pellets for their production lines.