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Top Highlights

•Suitable for films and HDPE, LDPE, PP woven bags, agricultural films, and more.
•High-friction washers and sink-float separation tanks.
•Centrifugal force and thermal drying systems to reduce moisture content in the recycled material
•Produce high-quality output with low moisture content and impurity levels.
•Customize according to specific recycling requirements

  • Type

    PP/PE Washing
  • Capacity

    1000-2000 kg / h
  • Power

    224.8 kw


GREENMAX PE/PP Washing is mainly used for cleaning recycled PE/PP plastic. The equipment uses advanced cleaning technology to effectively remove impurities on the plastic surface and make it meet the standards for reuse. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, which can help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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