PET Bottles Recycling Solution

PET bottles are non-degradable, which are used as beverage and water bottles, with recycling code #1. GREENMAX machines could dewater and bale all kinds of plastic bottles. GREENMAX also repurchase baled PET bottles.

PET Bottles Recycling Solution

PET has a wide range of applications and is one of the most commonly used plastic packaging materials in the world. PET is inert, takes a long time to degrade. However, PET bottles are highly recyclable and have a lot of potential once they have reached the end of their useful life.

PET can be heated and molded into a variety of shapes, but is most widely used in plastic water and beverage bottles, which can provide a clean, safe and convenient way to package beverages. Compared with other waste recycling, the beverage bottle recycling business is developing well. By reusing already mined resources, we can reduce our dependence on the earth’s limited raw materials. At the same time, zero waste can truly be achieved by using recycled materials in the production process.

PET bottles usually have a clear or green identification number 1 on the bottom, which makes them easier to identify in the recycling stream. Empty plastic bottles are collected, flattened, packaged and sent to reprocessing companies. After processes such as sorting, washing, dewatering and granulation, discarded PET bottles become a resource, which can be made into food grade packaging boxes, electronic trays, fiber filaments, sheets and other items.