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GREENMAX Balers Will Be Popular in Plastic Bottles Recycling

According to the 2021 U.S. Post-consumer Plastic Recycling Data Report released by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the U.S. saw an increase in the volume of post-consumer plastic recovered for recycling. More than five billion pounds of post-consumer plastic were acquired for recycling in the United States in 2021, representing a 280.3 million pound increase compared to 2020. This increase encompassed various categories, including bottles, non-bottle rigids, and film.

In recycling and waste management, North America has a significant shift towards more efficient and sustainable practices, thanks in large part to the advent of bottle balers. These innovative machines have become essential tools in the recycling industry, changing the way plastic bottles are collected, processed, and recycled.


GREENMAX Bottle balers are specialized machines designed to compress and bind bottles into compact, manageable bales. This technology will become increasingly popular across North America for several reasons:

Space Efficiency: By compacting bottles, balers reduce the volume of waste, making storage and transportation more efficient.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compact bales are easier and cheaper to transport, reducing logistics costs for recycling facilities.

Environmental Impact: Balers contribute to environmental sustainability by facilitating the recycling process, thereby reducing the need for new materials and lowering carbon emissions.


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