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GREENMAX Makes a Positive Contribution to the Circular Economy

Recently, INTCO Recycling released its ESG report. INTCO Recycling insists on implementing the ESG concept through actions. As a sub-brand of INTCO Recycling, GREENMAX also creates a lasting positive impact on the sustainable development of society.

GREENMAX, which completes the industrial chain of plastic foam recycling and reuse, has been deeply working in this field and actively promoting circular economy development. Using recycled resources, GREENMAX has created a full supply chain, with three business divisions: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. These business divisions have achieved circularity by compressing the size of PCR materials, making them into pellets, and processing them into trendy and practical products. Nowadays, GREENMAX has launched two well-established industrial models: PS and PET recycling model.

In order to solve the resource recycling dilemma, INTCO Recycling has independently developed GREENMAX machines which received wide acclaim, including compactor, densifier, crusher, hydraulic, and dewatering. GREENMAX machines can reduce the size of waste material, making it easier to transport and restore. GREENMAX insists on turning trash into treasure. With the help of GREENMAX machines, EPS foam can be recycled into foam board, insulation, house décor, and many types of frames, such as photo frames, mirror frames, and picture frames. And PET bottles can be turned into new bottles and containers, which can reach food-grade standards. After years of improvement and innovation, GREENMAX has partnered with more than 1200 recycling sites around the world and placed its recycling equipment worldwide.

GREENMAX actively responds to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policy, vigorously promotes energy conservation and emissions reduction, strengthens pollution control, and strives to reach the goal of net zero pollution. In terms of energy conservation, GREENMAX has reduced carbon by a total of 2.5 million tons, saved 3.75 million tons of crude oil, and protected 25 million trees. GREENMAX is committed to integrating the green concept into production and life. GREENMAX would insist on good companionship with nature and take the responsibility of building eco-friendly sustainable development.

With years of effort, GREENMAX proves equal to the challenge of resource recycling. Holding the vision of ranking front class in high-tech resource recycling manufacturers around the world, GREENMAX will drive this difficult but worthwhile cause forward. GREENMAX has contributed to global sustainability, moving toward its target of building a better world for all human beings.

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