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GREENMAX Plastic Pelletizers Offer Effective Plastic Recycling Solution

GREENMAX offers a range of plastic pelletizers specifically designed for recycling rigid plastics. These pelletizers are utilized to process various types of waste plastics, including foam and PE/PP materials, into granular recycled plastics. The equipment features advanced extrusion technology, ensuring efficient extrusion of waste plastic into particles for subsequent processing and reuse.

GREENMAX pelletizers are suitable for different types of rigid plastics commonly found in daily life and manufacturing, such as bottle caps, trash cans, pipes, crates, and more. These rigid plastics, also known as hard plastics, are generally used for products that require strong and stiff qualities. GREENMAX provides an efficient way to recycle these materials from waste to pellets, which can then be reused to manufacture new injection products.

One typical recycling process involves first flattening and packaging the plastic for efficient shipping. The plastic is then crushed into smaller pieces, cleaned, dried, and finally converted into pellets by the pelletizer. GREENMAX machines make this entire process more straightforward and quicker while providing high-quality pellets for production lines.

GREENMAX plastic pelletizers are highly automated, ensuring that the produced particles are not only smooth and beautiful but also possess excellent physical qualities. Our machines can be customized and used independently or integrated into a complete system with a shredder and compactor for integrated operation.

For recycling PE, PP, ABS, or PS hard plastics, GREENMAX Plastic Pelletizer is highly recommended. This equipment uses a screw feeder for material conveyance and can directly feed plastic regrind into the extruder. The process is energy-efficient, requiring less power, and includes a pre-crushing step before the materials enter the screw feeder. After melting in the extruder, the plastics are transferred to the pelletizing unit to form granules.GREENMAX offers flexibility in customization for their pelletizers, including options for screw or belt conveyors, and crushers depending on the type and condition of the material.

GREENMAX pelletizers provide a comprehensive solution for recycling rigid plastics, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly plastic manufacturing and recycling industry.

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