Board Cutting

Board Cutting

In the process of producing thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, etc.), cut scraps will be generated, which has a significant impact on the 5S management of on-site operations, as well as safety, because these foams are flammable and prone to cause fires.
GREENMAX provides compression and reduction equipment, which can reduce and compress the cut scraps, reduce the storage space of the waste materials, improve on-site 5S management. And at the same time, the compressed foam blocks can be sold twice, which will generate economic benefits.

Owens Corning of the United States is one of the world's top 500 XPS insulation board manufacturers. There is actually a large amount of XPS waste during the production process, mainly unqualified or scrapped boards. Owens Corning was initially unable to process the waste and had to sell the XPS waste to another pelletizing company.

When Owens Corning learned that the recycling solution for the pelletizing company was provided by GREENMAX, it strongly supported its cooperation with GREENMAX. GREENMAX will design the most suitable waste plastic recycling solution based on customer needs, including waste plastic classification, cleaning, crushing, melting, granulation and other processes, as well as equipment selection and layout.

The GREENMAX Compactor A-C200 perfectly solves Owens Corning's problem of not having enough extra space for waste XPS recycling, while also increasing their recycling awareness. Currently, Owens Corning and many other American companies have cooperated with GREENMAX.