Fresh Food

Fresh Food

In the seafood processing industry, such as the transportation of salmon from cold storage to the fish handler, foam packaging assumes the main freshness preservation function. These foam packages contain a lot of water and are difficult to be handled with a general foam volume reducing machine. The waterproof volume reducing machine provided by GREENMAX can effectively compress this kind of packaging at high density, making the secondary sale of the pressed cold briquettes possible.

Fishing is one of Norway's most important import industries, creating an integral part of GDP. Developed fisheries mean millions of fish boxes are discarded every day. After weighing the pros and cons, the fish businessmen chose to use the professional GREENMAX foam recycling machine to recycle abandoned fish boxes.

GREENMAX has an in-depth understanding of the recycling needs of fish merchants and designed the most suitable waste foam recycling solution for them. Later, after the construction of the recycling machine is completed, GREENMAX will debug the recycling facility to ensure that the entire waste foam recycling system can operate normally and meet the designed technical indicators and recycling rate. At the same time, the team will provide customers with complete after-sales services.

The GREENMAX foam compactor can compress large fish boxes into dense blocks, which greatly facilitates storage and transportation. Meanwhile, GREENMAX will commit to repurchasing compressed foam blocks for granulation and recycling to produce various frame products. Norwegian fish businessmen choose to use GREENMAX machines to recycle fish boxes. On the one hand, they can reduce waste plastic and keep it sustainable. On the other hand, they can earn extra income by recycling fish boxes.